A post for self-accountability, one year later.

It’s amazing the growth and change that can take place in one year.

My view of the world has radically shifted, and I am grateful. As Sonya Renee Taylor shared in one of her more recent videos, my ‘well has deepened.’

This is a link to my original post.

Nuance, discernment and self-responsibility are requirements of this path; I am grateful for the opportunity to share this learning with you.

In solidarity and with love,


Video Description: Tara – a while bodied being – walking outside on a sunny day. Comes to sit on a red chair in front of a wooden fence. She is wearing a dark gray hat, a green sweater, a black t-shirt and white wired headphones. Click here to access the transcript!

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A post for self-accountability, one year later. – From The Hearth