It is a deep honour to walk this journey alongside you! My name is Tārā (she/her), I am an Embodied Lifestyle Guide and Founder at From the Hearth.

I am an uninvited guest on the beautiful lands where I work and play; I humbly acknowledge the Semiahmoo, sc̓əwaθenaɁɬ təməxʷ (Tsawwassen), S’ólh Téméxw (Stó:lō), Kwantlen, and Á,LEṈENEȻ ȽTE (W̱SÁNEĆ) First Nations, on whose unceded traditional and ancestral lands I reside (now known as Langley, BC). My deepest gratitude is extended to you, Earth Keepers, for being a voice and advocate for Mama Earth. Thank you for teaching us about harmony and right relationship; thank you so much for all that you do.

I am gifted with the opportunity to walk with unlearners who are seeking personal and collective liberation. I walk with those who are dissatisfied with fluff and bypassing, and instead seek the fires of transformation on their healing and growth journey.

The tools that I share are those specifically of rāja yoga, alongside gentle plant medicines including Medicine Soaps, Invocation Candles, high quality essential oils and Ceremonial Grade Cacao. These are the instrumental tools of my personal journey, and it is a great honour to share them with you.


I was launched onto the healing path in my early 20’s after acute trauma and years of alcohol addiction. My path has led me to create liberation art; to curate content, weave tools, and create spaces which help others free themselves from the shackles of self-imposed suffering, often born of the toxic conditioning of white supremacist delusion.

The following is my social location (an intersection of my various identities). I share this with you so that you have an idea of the lens from which I hold, navigate and lead space.
I am a young, slender, white, cisgender, queer woman, non-disabled and neurotypical, who grew up in a middle class family with citizenship in a First World country, who has a post secondary education, is an aspiring yogī, and who learned English as a first language.

I hold much privilege – and therefore much ignorance – at the intersection of my identities. It is my responsibility to engage in unlearning and pursue equity for the benefit of all beings.

So I walk this path alongside you. “I work on myself as an offering to you. I serve you as a way of working on myself.” (Baba Ram Dass).

May you practice this life out of love for yourself, with a willingness to uncover the truth, for the benefit of all beings.

Sending you love,