High Quality Essential Oils

I choose to acknowledge that plants are of a different consciousness than humans. With their foundation in the ground and bodies reaching towards the sky, I know instinctively that their rooted medicine supplements my migratory nature as a human.” – Tara Plant Spirit Medicine has changed my life and continues to have profound effects on me. I started my journey with Plant Spirit Medicine by using them topically in the form of Medicine Soaps, then aromatically in the form of Invocation Candles. I then began ingesting the Medicine as I started sitting with Cacao. I now also work with particular Plant Spirits 1:1, and the only place I go for the purity and potency of this Medicine is doTERRA. doTERRA’s oils are second to none; the energetic signature associated with their offerings can quickly be discerned upon comparison to other suppliers. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these oils in my daily Ritual, to share them with anyone who is interested, and to assist anyone who is passionate about Plant Spirit Medicine in continuing to share them with their own communities. Please book below for more information and to contact me about doTERRA!