I, [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE], fully and completely acknowledge that no yoga teacher or essential oil educator knows my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as I do, so if anything doesn’t feel right, I will take breaks and/or skip postures, sequences or practices that are not suitable for me. I understand that some activities might be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually challenging and engaging. The level of my participation in any of these activities is entirely my choice at all times, and I can cease my participation at any time.

From The Hearth does not offer medical advice and cannot diagnose, offer treatment or prescribe anything for any condition. If I have any doubts I will consult my medical practitioner before engaging with an essential oil, starting a physical practice or if I am coming back to practice after illness or injury. This is particularly important for, but not limited to, the following conditions: if I am pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have low or high blood pressure, or have any existing medical condition or injury. If I feel dizzy, light-headed, faint, or if I experience any other discomfort, I will stop immediately and take a resting posture. I will consult a medical professional if my symptoms do not pass. The information provided by From The Hearth is provided for educational and background purposes only. I understand that I am participating at my own risk.

If attending Cacao Ceremony: I have reviewed the symptoms and contraindications associated with Ceremonial Grade Cacao consumption. If I have any questions I will consult my medical practitioner prior to ingesting Cacao.


I acknowledge From The Hearth’s Assumptions and am also committing to the event Agreements. From The Hearth is not responsible or liable for material shared by others during this event. From The Hearth does, however, reserve the right to remove people that share words or content that is in violation of these Terms or Agreements immediately and without refund in accordance with the Return Policy.