Frequently Asked Questions

Why “From the Hearth?”

Because everything in this business is created from my inner hearth space – my sanctuary within.

The hearth – the area in front of a fireplace – is a symbol of sanctuary and safety, of nourishment and fulfillment, of home.

What makes a Medicine Soap bar different from any other bar soap?

Its vibration.

I create these products as a medicine, a gift and a healing tool. The energetic signature associated with the respect, love and intention that each bar holds makes its vibration unmatched to any mass produced bar soap on the market.

Each Medicine Soap is inspired by a particular archetype, living being or modality, and each comes with a description and directions that you can use as a starting point to begin exploring your internal landscape with the assistance of this tool.

What makes an Invocation Candle different from any other candle?

Its vibration.

I create these products as a medicine, a gift and a healing tool. The energetic signature associated with the respect, love and intention that each candle holds makes its vibration unmatched to any mass produced candle on the market.

Each Invocation Candle calls upon the spirit of a particular archetype, living being or modality, and each comes with a description and directions that you can use as a starting point to begin exploring your internal landscape with the assistance of this tool.

How do you pick the archetypes, living beings or modalities as inspiration in your products?

It isn’t me that picks them so much as they find me and guide me as to how to facilitate a connection between them and you.

For example, the Goddess Hestia entered my field on September 12, 2019, the day that I left Bali after a transformational experience of inner healing. She stayed with me as a quiet bystander as I cleared out my inner and outer landscape to make room for new growth. She returned to the forefront of my consciousness in December 2019 as the inspiration for this business’ rebrand from Red Cedar Studio to From The Hearth (to learn more about the history of the business see the About page).

And she guided me to share her Spirit with others in the products that I create.

Does From the Hearth pour custom order Medicine Soaps and Invocation Candles?

Yes! Please contact us if you are interested in seeing whether your company or event aligns with the energetic vibrations of the products. Note that for Medicine Soaps there is a minimum requirement of 6 weeks for delivery from confirmation of recipe.

What are your credentials?


Shamanic Yoga Teacher in Training (300 hours)


Professional Business Member, Handcrafted Bath and Body Guild

Cacao Facilitation Training, Costa Rica


I understand that as humans we look for things like Certifications to tell us how qualified someone is to do something. What I have come to learn intimately is that knowledge and wisdom are two different things. I have completed formal, institutional education outside of this business scope, and the knowledge that I have gained from these experiences is very valuable. Valuable too is the wisdom that I come to learn through my experience on my Sadhana (spiritual path), and there exists no Certification for this.

To this end, all that I can show you are my personal scars as additional credentials: the wounding in my life that I have healed and continue to heal through my personal practice of nourishing my sanctuary within. This continued work is the prerequisite for the facilitation that I perform today.

How long have you been working with the Plant Spirit of Cacao?

I am so grateful to have the Plant Spirit of Cacao as a guide.

She came into my awareness while preparing for my trip to Bali in 2019.

I sat with her twice in Bali, and the magnetization was real and undeniable. I brought her magic back home with me to Canada and immediately implemented a daily practice, excited to get to know her more.

Through my practice I was directed to Costa Rica to immerse myself in the presence of the Cacao Trees and learn from a beautiful soul deep in the Plant Spirit medicine journey.

Again, I returned back to Canada truly changed.

What I have come to realize now is that Cacao found me. Not the other way around. And what a transformational journey we are on together. Transformational.. and effortless. A sign of deep alignment.

It is truly and honour and a privilege to work with this gentle plant medicine, and it is with deep reverence and gratitude that I share her Spirit with others.

What is Cacao?

Cacao is what chocolate is made from! It is the seed of the tropical fruit known as Theobroma Cacao. Chocolate is made by combining certain portions of cocoa powder (the de-fatted cacao) and cacao butter (the fat from the bean) along with other ingredients to get the consistency and taste we know as chocolate. However, commercially produced cacao/cocoa/chocolate is not the Plant Spirit medicine that you seek; if you can buy it in the grocery store, it’s not ceremonial grade.

I use the term ‘Cacao’ to refer to the purest form of Cacao, that which has nothing removed, and only very specific ingredients added with intention. This is synonymous with ‘Ceremonial Grade Cacao.’
The fruit is harvested when ripe then fermented and dried; this process alkalizes the beans and activates the beneficial compounds within. Then they are often roasted which finishes the flavour and kills the bacteria that accumulates during the fermentation phase. After this, the husks are removed and the nibs are finely ground, possibly tempered and moulded.

Ceremonial grade cacao is minimally processed and handled at every step of production with intention, love and respect.

And if your wondering whether Cacao is ‘good for you,’ rest easy as Cacao is considered a superfood!

It is packed with beneficial and vital minerals: magnesium, chromium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, iron and phosphorus.

It stimulates the release of neuro-chemicals that beneficially affect our state of mind: norepinephrine (joy), serotonin (health and well being), dopamine (pleasure), anandamine (bliss), and phenylethylamine (excitement, alertness, attention). The mild bitterness can also serve to cleanse the liver or release emotions, and the alkaloid content of pure cacao boosts circulation and absorption of nutrients.

This Plant Spirit will never cease to amaze me; it is one of the most pharmacologically complex plant substances known to humans!

Can I enjoy Cacao if I have specific dietary preferences?

Cacao is naturally:

Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Keto Friendly
Paleo Friendly

The Cacao that we drink in Circle is also organic and fair trade.

Why do you facilitate Sacred Cacao Circles?

From the moment I was introduced to the Spirit of Cacao I felt I would be sharing her with others.

I have cultivated a deeply personal practice with her and as our relationship has expanded I have been guided to create spaces for others to commune with her energy.

Why participate in a Sacred Cacao Circle?

When you participate, you designate a specific time in your schedule to step into a space that is being held with the intention of supporting you in nourishing your sanctuary within.

Many ancient cultures including the Aztecs and Mayans held Ceremony using Cacao; for centuries its Spirit has been used to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. When we sit in Sacred Circle with ceremonial grade Cacao, we tap into the consciousness of this lineage and of the Plant Spirit.

The beauty of the Plant Spirit of Cacao is that she will meet you where you are, and give you exactly what you need. As a general statement, she supports us in opening and softening to ourselves, to each other and to the earth. She stimulates our intuition and encourages us to truly feel our bodies as they function. This support helps us to tune in with more ease to our surroundings and to our Truth.

Cacao is naturally high in iron, magnesium, and B-complex vitamins. It triggers a release of dopamine, endorphins and anandamide (the ‘bliss molecule’) in the body when consumed, activating our brow chakra (third eye). It also contains Theobromine, a mild stimulant which activates our heart chakra. These physical effects boost our mood and our energy (both the amount of energy that we have and the frequency of that energy in the body). These effects can create a heart opening sensation which can feel spiritual in nature, offering us the opportunity to listen to our heart and re-connect with ourselves and others with ease.

Attending a Sacred Cacao Circle is making an energetic investment in yourself, which is amplified in the space of group consciousness as you come together with other like-hearted people.

Through the money, time, effort and surrender (all different energies) that you exchange in Circle, the Universe moves to balance those investments by serving you with the gift(s) you need.

The more you put in, the more you get out. And what a delicious way to foster a connection to your sanctuary within!

How do I start creating a personal practice with the Plant Spirit of Cacao?

I have written a detailed ebook to support you if Cacao is calling to you!

It is based on my personal practice and is a wonderful resource which will provide you with directions to create your foundation.

Does From the Hearth facilitate private Sacred Cacao Circles?

Yes! Please contact us if you are interested in seeing whether your event aligns with the energetic vibrations of the Plant Spirit medicine.