I understand white tears now.

Video Description: Tara – a white bodied being with short brown hair – sitting in her sacred space. There is a candle and a salt lamp in the background; her hair is messy and she is in her pajamas: a light grey t-shirt with a black, red and grey zip up sweater overtop. You can find the transcript for this video here!

A crucial step on the path of nonviolence is understanding the power dynamics that are present in the system of domination that we live within, both on the societal macroscale and the individual relationship microscale.

If you are unaware of the unearned power and privilege that you hold within this system, you are causing harm to your fellow beings.

If you are aware and choose not to act on your awareness/practice nonviolence, you are causing harm to your fellow beings.

We have been taught a violent way of living, and it is not our true nature.

We can unlearn.

And please don’t believe that you have to be good at unlearning to get started. That’s some perfectionist, yt supremacist bullshit.

You just need to start. With practice comes progress.

Not sure where to start? Click here for a list of unlearning links that include paid and free offerings by anti-oppression educators, articles and podcasts.

This is the work of being human. This is the work of coming home to Self. This is liberation work for the benefit of all beings.

This is vital. We need you.

With love,


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I understand white tears now. – From The Hearth