Invocation Candles

These are candles that have been poured with the purpose of adding an extra layer of intentional energy to your meditation or ritualistic practices.

They are:

  • Vegan,
  • Made with a cotton wick and WITHOUT a glued wick tab,
  • 100% natural and non toxic (contain no synthetic ingredients),
  • 100% clean burning soy wax WITHOUT any synthetic additives to achieve purely aesthetic goals (i.e. reducing wax ‘frosting,’ increasing wax-to-glass adhesion, increasing smooth texture of the candle surface upon cooling), and
  •  Handmade with love, respect and intention.

They are topped with tumbled crystals which become infused with the power of your practice over the course of the candle’s use.

Once you have finished the candle, you can use this crystal in your grids, during meditation, on your alter, or during your rituals, creating a powerful energetic connection between what has been, and what is now.

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