Medicine Soaps

These are soaps that have been poured with the purpose of aiding you in transforming your self care routines into self love rituals.

They are:

  •  Vegan,
  • 100% natural and non toxic (contain no synthetic ingredients),
  • 100% biodegradable,
  • Palm oil free,
  • Cruelty free (TestedonTara Certified.. funny and true!),
  • Handmade with love, respect and intention, and
  • Made with – at minimum – 75% Certified Organic ingredients.

When you use Medicine Soap, you are spreading the Earth element on your body, bringing energies of abundance, unconditional love, and wisdom to your vessel.

This is on top of the energetic signature contained in each specific bar through the archetype, living being or modality which inspired it.

You are also welcoming in the Water element bringing with it energies of release and purification, working with Mama Earth as she gently removes that which is not serving you.

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