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Sacred Circle Collective Subscription Agreement

I,   on October 16, 2021 enter into this agreement by and between Christine "Tara" Harms of Red Cedar Studio dba From the Hearth (further referred to as From the Hearth) for yoga class subscription services.

I fully and completely acknowledge that no yoga teacher or essential oil educator knows my body and mind as well as I do, so if anything doesn’t feel right, I will take breaks and/or skip poses, sequences or practices that are not suitable for me. From the Hearth does not offer medical advice. If I have any doubts I will consult my medical practitioner before starting practice or if I am coming back to it after illness or injury. This is particularly important for, but not limited to, the following conditions: if I am pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have low or high blood pressure, or have any existing medical condition or injuries. If I feel dizzy, light-headed, faint, or if I experience any other discomfort, I will stop immediately and take a resting pose. I will consult a medical professional if my symptoms do not pass. The information provided by From the Hearth is provided for educational and background purposes only. Using the website, course content and the information provided is at my own risk.

This agreement begins on the above date stipulated, and includes up to four (4) live online practice calls per month. By signing this document I am committing to attending the online calls. I acknowledge Tara's Assumptions and am also committing to the membership Agreements.

I am paying a recurring monthly or annual subscription to From the Hearth, which will be renewed automatically at the end of each subscription period until I decide to cancel. I can cancel my subscription at any time. Recurring payments are taken a minimum of 24 hours before the end of my subscription period. I will continue to have access to From the Hearth's classes until the end of my monthly or annual subscription period. From the Hearth does not offer refunds for partial membership periods or if I have not used the service.

I understand that I am liable to honour the terms of the payment plan for which I have agreed to, as outlined in my purchase receipt. I understand the subscription fee I have paid and fees yet to be paid are not transferable to another subscription, course or program.

If any installment payment should default, I will have seven (7) business-days to resolve the situation. Once approved I agree to honour my repayments to From the Hearth.

I hereby authorize any and all payments due to From the Hearth by me. I further authorize my credit card company or bank to make payment(s) to From the Hearth by the method(s) indicated and to deduct such payment from my account.

I agree not to copy, modify, download, transmit, display, distribute, perform, reproduce, license, publish, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information contained on or forming part of this course or otherwise use such Content of this course for re-sale, re-distribution or for any other commercial use, without the consent of From the Hearth as the case may be. Access to this content is granted to me only for my personal, non-commercial use.

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