The restoration of something stolen to its proper owner

This is Restitution.

What is described below is imperfect action. It is where I choose to start. And I choose to continue to evolve and update my restitution practice as is informed by impacted communities.


10% of every purchase made through From The Hearth since October 14 2020 has been/will be paid as restitution to individuals and communities that experience oppression as a result of the Western tradition of thought.

It is from this tradition that colonialism, capitalism, racism, sexism (all the -isms and many of the phobias i.e. transphobia) come from. It is from this way of thinking that violence occurs.

I am in a white body which is non-disabled and neurotypical, which was assigned female at birth. I grew up in a middle class family with access to generational wealth, and was born as a citizen in so called Canada with English as my first language. I have a post secondary education. I hold an incredible amount of unearned privilege at the intersection of my identities.

As such, these are some of my efforts to give that unearned privilege back.


As a general statement, these payments are intentionally directed towards individuals and organizations which are not non-profits or registered charities due to their natural entanglement with colonial government agencies.

Below is a list of reports which indicate From The Hearth’s sales and pending/completed payments.

It is because of my incredible clients – the beautiful souls that I have the honour of walking this life journey alongside – that these payments are possible. Together we pool our resources in order to redistribute our unearned power in a consistent and meaningful way.

Period from October 14 2020 – May 3 2020: RESTITUTION REPORT: 1, 2021-M05-09

If you have any questions or a suggestion of a group/cause to support, please connect with me directly at I am actively seeking individuals/communities/organizations that reside/operate in so called Canada!

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Indigenous Action Podcast, Episode 7


In this podcast episode, Indigenous Mutual Aid frontline organizers share their experiences and thoughts from a year of being on the ground in their communities responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Podcast host Klee (Kinłani Mutual Aid) and guests Little Wind & Mesiah (Regeneration on the Reservation), Han (Red Sleeves Anti-Colonial Action), and Bearcat (ABQ Autonomous Mutual Aid) discuss what Indigenous Mutual Aid is (and isn’t), challenges, and organizing in the next year and beyond.

Invisibilia, Season 7 Episode 1


The following is an excerpt from this episode. These are the words of a white person, addressed to white people:


“If you are white and trying to understand how to be, in quotes, “helpful/engaged, supportive, not completely co-signing white supremacy in all areas of your life,” one of the easiest – i.e. the bare fucking minimum – ways to support Black life, Black joy, Black safety, Black community is to give your money to Black people. Sending $50 is fine, but I mean redistribute some wealth. I usually know I’m hitting somewhere closer to it because it feels uncomfortable. It digs into or demolishes my financial comfort and stability. The impact is felt in my bank account and life. Sometimes I’m broke, and the amount that does that to me is $50. Sometimes it’s $500 or much beyond that. Find that number for yourself.”

Hidden Figures: Callie House #BlackHERstoryMonth


In this video, artist, cultural critic, filmmaker, and writer Seren Sensei shares about Callie House. House (1861-1928) was a leader of the National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty and Pension Association, one of the first organizations to campaign for reparations for slavery in the United States.

Check out the links in this YouTube video description for additional information and reading on this subject!