Reparations and Mutual Aid

10% of every purchase made through From The Hearth since October 14 2020 has been/is being paid

(1) as reparations to communities that are experiencing oppression, or

(2) in support of mutual aid projects/towards groups working in the solidarity economy.


I specifically seek (and am seeking) organizations that are not non-profits or registered charities due to their natural entanglement with government agencies. This does not mean that payments won’t be made to these types of organizations, it just means that I am actively seeking other types of groups to work with. This also makes the process more complex as additional efforts are required in finding and connecting with these groups. This is why you may see pending payments in the reports.

Below is a list of quarterly reports which indicate From The Hearth’s sales and pending/completed payments.



It is because of the incredible clients of this business that these payments are possible. Together we pool our resources in order to redistribute our unearned power in a regular and meaningful way.

If you have a suggestion of a group/cause to support, please connect with me directly at