To say that Seek Sanctuary changed my life sounds cliché, but it’s absolutely, truly, from the depths of my heart, accurate.

You take a deep dive in this program; it’s something that I hadn’t really done before in my life, really look inside myself to discover what my values are and where they came from. How I am a part of dominant culture and how I and people like me have been a part of oppression. It’s a scary thing to dive into. And she holds the space with empathy, compassion and no judgment. It’s absolutely beautiful.

You will walk away from this program with a new sense of self, a stronger sense of purpose, and an understanding of who you are and who you want to be in this world.

Karli Davis / Seek Sanctuary Alumni

You can listen to Karli talk more about her Seek Sanctuary experience here:

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Seek Sanctuary helped me to find my liberation and peace within.

In Seek Sanctuary I was able to do so much dismantling work. We’re all made up of beliefs that come from ourselves, the society, the world, the family that we grew up with. And these beliefs are not necessarily who we actually are.

I’ve been asking this question of myself a lot. ‘Who am I? Who really am I when I remove all of the titles?’ I found all of my answers by participating in this program. I learned to let go of my sense of urgency.. this all-or-nothing mindset. I learned how to shed the layers that have been tying me down. I learned how to be very loving to myself, very gentle with myself, and to allow myself to rest.

I’ve learned so much from Tara in such a short period of time. I hope that this inspires and encourages you to take take this opportunity to invest in yourself.

Sophia Lee / Seek Sanctuary Alumni

You can listen to Sophia talk more about her Seek Sanctuary experience here:


What is Seek Sanctuary?

Seek Sanctuary is an 8-week online program of transformation. It is a trauma informed container that will take you as deep as you are ready and willing to go on this liberation journey, with the teachings of yoga as our path and foundation.

To be clear, ‘yoga’ is not synonymous with ‘movement’ and you do not need to have a movement practice or ‘be flexible’ to be in this program. Yoga is a school of philosophy that provides guidance towards an empowering and affirming way of be-ing in the world.

This program is delivered in an intimate group setting (the maximum number of participants per round is 8). While your work in this program is individual, there is power created in the small community container as everyone is doing the same work and the same time; it is an undeniable resource of inspiration and support for all participants.

The intention of this container is to invite you into deeper relationship with all parts of yourself, to let go of conditioned pieces that no longer serve, and to experience alignment, embodiment and liberation.

Who is Seek Sanctuary for?

Seek Sanctuary is for unlearners.


Unlearners acknolwedge information that they have unconsciously accepted as true in their life; they choose to give up numbness and start to feel.

Unlearners listen to and learn from people across lines of difference and gather new information.

Unlearners take action and towards their dharma (purpose, duty). They find their unique expression and role in fostering personal and collective liberation.

Unlearners acknowledge that they are never done (un)learning. They act in solidarity with people across lines of difference and continue to play and active and ongoing role in this work.

These characteristics of an Unlearner are inspired by the information shared in this Virtual Town Hall event.


If this sounds like you now, or the version of you that you are stepping into, then you are a likely a great fit for this program.


I will share my social location here so that you have an idea of the way in which I hold, navigate and lead space:

I am a young, slender, white, queer, non-disabled and neurotypical person, who grew up in a middle class family with citizenship in a First World country, who has a post secondary education, is an aspiring yogī, and who learned English as a first language.

I hold much privilege at the intersection of my identities.


Because I am white and can only share from my lived experience regarding the social justice aspects that are weaved into this offering, there will be a degree of unpacking whiteness and explaining white supremacy in this space; this may be triggering for BIPoC folks who have known and felt the harsh impacts of this system for their whole lives. I name this not to discourage anyone from being a part of this transformational container; everyone is welcome in this space! I name this for transparency and in an effort to reduce harm.

When does Seek Sanctuary run?

The dates for the upcoming offering of Seek Sanctuary are TBD. Please sign up for the wait list above to be the first to know when dates are released as there are limited spots!

How much does Seek Sanctuary cost?

A three-tiered payment scale is offered.

The following sliding scale language is informed and inspired by the works of Yoga Outreach, the Driftless Yoga Festival, Alexis J. Cunningfolk of Worts and Cunning, Jasmine Hines of Amplify and Activate and Michelle C. Johnson of Skill in Action.


There are a limited number of Unite spaces available, so please read the sliding scale language below to determine which rate category best fits you. Being honest with yourself and your financial situation when engaging with sliding scale practices grows strong and sustainable communities.


Transform ($1450 CDN) – pays for others as well as yourself

  • I can comfortably meet all my basic needs.
  • I am employed, or don’t need to work to meet my needs.
  • I have disposable income.
  • I can afford an annual vacation, and I easily can take time off.

Assemble ($1200 CDN) – pays for you

  • I may stress about my basic needs, but they are always met.
  • I am employed, and may have several jobs to make it work.
  • I have some disposable income.
  • I can take time off work without major stress, yearly-ish.

Unite ($950 CDN) – discounted

  • I frequently stress about meeting basic needs, and may go without.
  • I am underemployed, or unemployed.
  • I qualify for government assistance.
  • I can’t afford vacation, nor can I reasonably take time off.


Administrative Items:

  • A 12% sales tax is included in the above rates.
  • A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place.
  • Payment plans are available.


Refund Policy: The program deposit is non-refundable. The program cost is refundable, less a 10% administration fee, up to 21 days prior to the program start date. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing via to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued within the 21 days prior to the Opening Ceremony and the fee is non-transferable.


10% of every purchase you make through From The Hearth goes towards paying reparations to oppressed communities and supporting mutual aid projects. Find out more here.

I loved that once the $1,200 payment was made, I knew I didn’t have to make any further purchase during this particular program (I’ve experienced programs – just like the “Free apps” on our iPhones – that would keep requiring me to pay and the cost kept adding up).

Towards the mid point of the program, I realized that this program is worth more than just $1,200!!!! Way more!!!! My gosh, the teachings and realizations I took away can’t be bought!

Sophia Lee / Seek Sanctuary Alumni

Are there any bonuses that come with Seek Sanctuary?



The first bonus is one month in the Liberation Membership space at no cost.

VALUE: minimum $245 CAD with opportunity for further bonuses


Liberation Membership
FREE (regularly $99)
This membership tier is designed to support you in your deepest self explorations. It includes:
Event: Somatic Movement?
Event: Workshop?
Event: Cacao Ceremony?
Event: Sacred Circle?
Product: Invocation Candle?
Product: Medicine Soap?
Resource: Ignite Workbook?
Product: Ceremonial Grade Cacao?
Support: 75-minute Breakthrough Session?
Bonus: Win a free bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil?
Bonus: Exclusive discounts on products and events?


There is no obligation to maintain this membership past the first month.

The second bonus is the doTERRA Healthy Start Enrollment Collection which includes the following oils and diffuser.

VALUE: minimum $270 CAD


**Please note that this bonus is only available to those who do not already have an existing doTERRA account.

The content that Tara gives in Seek Sanctuary- I’ve never seen it before.

We learned about our foundation, resource (time, energy, money) management, spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation, dominant culture characteristics, additional social justice pieces, essential oil plant medicine and more.

I remember a moment where we explored the term ‘white supremacist,’ and I was mortified. That’s associated with horrible organizations! And to open that wound and actually look at it and what it is.. it really opened my eyes.

Also, I am so grateful to have learned the eight limbs of yoga – Aṣṭāṅga yoga – and how āsana (the movement practice of yoga) is just one piece! Knowing where practices come from is one of the most important things and Tara did such a beautiful job of sharing it.

Karin Gunn / 2x Seek Sanctuary Alumni

You can listen to Karin talk more about her Seek Sanctuary experience here:

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