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5 Premises of Nonviolent Communication

NVC bases its process for connection on certain premises. Read this post to gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of this practice!

Are you needy?

Having literacy around our needs has been conditioned out of us in order to create high functioning labourers within a system of oppression. Today (and every day) I am here to advocate for a refresh on our relationship with our needs. Read more about it here!

Have you been taught to feel?

There is a resurgence that is gaining momentum right now advocating for the reclamation of our bodies, and I am here for it! It is NATURAL to FEEL! Read more about this here.

Cacao Ceremony as Yoga Practice

What is Ceremonial Grade Cacao? Why use it as a tool in Self-Intimacy practice? How does one get started? Read about all this and more here!

Interrupting Harm (Part 1/3)

This post is the first of a three part series about interrupting harm. It addresses that:
1. People are interconnected and our well-being is bound, and
2. People need a safe place in order to practice living life.

Emotional Self-Intimacy – From The Hearth