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Every time I feel like shit, it’s only a matter of time before that shitty experience changes.

Animated Image Description: A white background with translucent red/orange flames emerging from the bottom extending up to the mid point of the picture. Layered over top and centered are the words "I find it so liberating to LET GO of the STORIES about why I’m feeling down, and embrace a more foundational, energetic understanding of the experience." in dark brown text. At the bottom and centered is my company logo that reads "From The Hearth."

Two nights ago I went to bed in tears. Life was life-ing. Last night I went to bed with fiery purpose and a remembrance of my relentlessness in my body. What changed? We have all heard that ‘time heals.’ Well I have something more clear to offer you which brings me much comfort and understanding […]

mindfulness – From The Hearth