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25 Day Yoga Challenge in Support of Yoga Outreach

Āhimsa is the first step of the pre-practice of Yoga (the Yama-s) and its natural result is a protection of diversity. Read more about how Yoga Outreach, a non-profit organization, is creating room in often overlooked spaces for diversity to thrive.

Trauma, Nonviolent Communication and Yoga

Inspired by the underlying synergies presented in the film The Wisdom of Trauma, this post outlines how trauma studies, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Yoga weave together to form a robust basis for The One Person Revolution.

Cacao Ceremony as Yoga Practice

What is Ceremonial Grade Cacao? Why use it as a tool in Self-Intimacy practice? How does one get started? Read about all this and more here!

You have a life purpose.

White background with a translucent golden flame emerging from the bottom of the picture. Dark brown writing on top in center reading the quote by Alana Fairchild: "You have a life purpose to assist in the creation of divine harmony in the world." Smaller company logo in dark brown writing along the bottom reading, "From the Hearth."

“You have a life purpose to assist in the creation of divine harmony in the world. Believe that the beautiful world you long for is not only possible, but part of your spiritual responsibility to create.” This morning I pulled three cards for myself, as I feel like I am turning a page in my […]

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